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Want to move better? Feel better? 
Check out the Ape Squad and Hal Richardson 
Hal is a muscular skeletal intra-connectivity specialist working closely with Run U. Ape Squad offers unique therapeutic soft tissue services. A variety of manual therapy methods are used to reduce pain and optimize range of motion.

Run University offers programs for those who are new to running, returning to running or to athletes looking to advance specific fitness goals.  An important by-product of the running is in understanding the importance of short and long term goals and howthey can increase the gain in self-confidence, self esteem as well asself-empowerment.  As you progress you will discover within yourselfthe ability to persevere, your own determination and the self-satisfaction that comes from a job well done!

Beginning Runners Training- Running 101

Many people decide to start running and they (for whatever reason)select a 3 or 4 mile run to start with! They lace up some old tennisshoes they’ve used for cutting the grass--Chuck Taylor Converse All Stars, or (ladies) their old Reebok aerobic shoes, and off they go!That first mile is exhilarating, but that last mile is excruciating!They get back and they have a ‘side stitch’, their knees ache and theyare gasping for air. They take a hot bath and fall into bed. The nextmorning they get up and as their feet hit the floor they sound like abowl of Rice Krispies (snap, crackle, pop); their legs and joints ache and they declare, “Running is not for me, it’s too painful!”Well, no wonder!

Danny’s Running 101 program is based upon‘adaptation.’  Each new runner begins with walking and running,well, okay,‘slogging’ (slow jogging), and and as each week passes they walk a littlefurther and run a little further, then he or she runs a little more and walksa little less until it’s all running all the time! Each day, each run is another opportunity to conquer your own doubts.It’s not a big thing much like a brick is no t a big thing, but a lotof bricks put together will become a wall and a lot of runs puttogether will become a 5K or 10K and a new, improved you.The Running 101 program is also available to organized groups, churches andcorporations through RunUniversity.

Running 101 (Couch to 5k)

With the Couch to 5k Program, you’ll gradually build up to a goal 5k (3.1 mile) race! All ages and fitness levels are welcome!  The program focuses on covering the distance, NOT speed. Join for only $49.00 and get the following benefits:

•RRCA-Certified Coach and Certified Personal Trainer

•Couch to 5k Training Plan/Schedule

•3 organized group runs per week

•Regular motivational emails

•Tips on stretching, what to wear, preventing injury, and preparation

Ready to sign up? Click the "Pay Now" button and provide your name and email.

Personal Training and Run Coaching

Run University offers personal training appointments for beginners as well as PR's (personal best), Boston Qualifiers, and Personal Training ('round' is NOT a shape!). Lose weight, get lean, and get in shape physically and cardio-wise with Danny or Micki.

The Run Coaching Program Fee is $150.00 per month and includes the following:

One-on-One Assessment to determine realistic goals, history and personal schedule

Daily training program personalized to your goals, schedule and interests. All workouts are tailored to your needs, goals, and personal schedule.

Weekly coaching session with Danny or Micki via email, phone, or in person.

Weekly goal monitoring

Tips for training and advice on how to reach your goals

Advice on sports nutrition, strength training, flexibility, form and pace

Fast Trax Program for Speed or Endurance

Danny’s Fast Trax Program is for the athlete who has been running for a minimum of 1 year who is interested in running stronger, setting PR’s, of perhaps qualifying for Boston. These goals may be accomplished through a custom-designed schedule including but not limited to, track work, hill work, tempo or pace runs depending on (and designed for) the specific goal. There's no charge for initial meeting and assessment; thereafter rates begin at $150.00 month.