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I cannot thank you enough for your encouragement.  I never thought  I could ever run 2 miles.  I was the  non-athletic kid in school that everyone made fun of - it took me forever to finish a mile in elementary school - everyone would be finished and waiting on me.  Therefore, I learned to hate running.  I would have never dreamed I could ever run a distance of 2 miles and last night I did it!  And it was not bad at all!  My parents cannot believe the change in me.  I am finally starting to have confidence in myself.  I am starting to believe in me.  I cannot thank you enough for all you do.  To be able to look in the mirror and believe in yourself is amazing.  Thank you, thank you Danny.

Lauren P.


Hey Danny,

I just wanted to let you know how you continue to inspire people through the Couch program.
A good friend of mine is doing Couch right now. She was scared, afraid to be the slowest person (why is that the biggest fear???), felt out of place, and on and on. She wrote me this week to tell me how great the program is and how good she feels. One note, in particular, was about encouragement you gave her and I wanted to share it with you. The power of one positive word is incredible. You have the gift of encouragement. I am so glad BTC offers this program - it's changing lives in more ways than just running!

Here is an excerpt from her email, which I hope you keep confidential since it is so personal:

And then the coolest thing happened--we sort of spread out into little packs, got separated a bit, and I found I was by myself running and Danny and this nice guy Geoff were on the side of the road watching and Danny shouts to me, "Great! You have GREAT form!
Great form!!"

That was one of the things I had fretted over most, was if I'm going to do this, am I going to look bad? Will I end up looking like Dolly Parton out there and have two black eyes? The answers are NO and NO!
So my form is FINE. I think that was the ONE thing I needed to hear at that moment, and I heard it! Debunking my myth that in order to be a runner you gotta LOOK like a runner. Danny was great, telling us there is no "right way" to run. Just do what is natural and we will go from there. (Uh, SMART MAN!!)

I know the program worked wonders for me: I am running my first marathon in June and was a team leader for the Illinois version of Couch, which just ended with a 7K - whodathunk??? Thanks for all the encouragement and keep up the good work. Jeff and I hope to be home for the Twilight Run; maybe we'll see you there. If not, definitely at Mercedes next year.

Take care.

Katie B.



I am a little ashamed of how long it has taken me to formally thank you for doing this program.  I was in group I in the spring and was out with group II last night.  As I was driving home last night, I realized that this is the best I felt in years - and while I am proud of my accomplishment - I am extremely thankful for your commitment and encouragement throughout.  My goal is to make a lifestyle change and have realized that it is truly never too late to be the person that I wanted to be.  Not too long ago I was trying to figure out how I was going to get away with having to wear sweat pants to work - not a good look in suit and tie environment.

I'll admit that I was a little skeptical at first.  The cynic that I am and based on my past experiences, I knew that this was too good to be true.  Most things aren't as straight forward as this group - with my luck, something like this has either turned into an Amway meeting or some type of religious conversion.  With a group that does pub runs, I know doubt it is either.

Having just moved to B'ham from NC in January and away from all my family and friends, I thought getting involved in something would be tough, and would have never thought I would have joined a track club - I never thought I was a "runner".  The welcome atmosphere of the Couch to 5k/10k and the BTC has truly made me feel opposite.

Thank you,




I owe you lots of thanks!  I had a great run on Saturday.  My goal was a 2:45 and my official time was 2:42:37!  It was a fun experience that all started last March with the Couch to 5K.  Your help has been invaluable, from your motivating e-mails to get me through my first 5K (which I never really actually believed would happen) your help in coaching me to get my time down in my second 5K at the Race to the Courthouse (40:55 at the Zoo Run to 36:28 at the Race to the Courthouse) your Sunday afternoon speedwork your recommendation on a good 1/2 marathon, to your training your constant advice and encouragement on everything running....  It was all a huge!

While stretching and trying to warm-up immediately after the race, I stood around a bit watching more people come across the finish line.......and there were a bunch of them behind me!  ...and many of them looked like they were in much better shape than myself.  I actually spotted a few from my corral that took off ahead of me, I passed them later and the race, and they ended up a full 15 minutes behind me.  One thing was for certain, thanks to all of your advice....I felt like I knew what I was doing.  How to train, what to wear, where to line-up, how to hydrate, what to eat the morning of, where to run on the road, how to take the hills, how to "pace", etc., etc...I had no excuse on any of that.  If anything, I had preparation on my side.

I know my running days are just beginning, and it's so good to have an active lifestyle.  It's amazing how much Andrew picks up on it too.  Even at two years old, he's well aware of the fact that I run and he always wants to run with me.  I'm confident that my new lifestyle will trickle down to him.  Man......that's enough to change the world isn't it?

Thanks again for all of your help!  Your excitement for running is contageous.



I just wanted to share some good news. I am the one who dropped out last time to have heart test etc after 3 years of struggling with health problems. I have stayed with running even though I did not stay with the group.  For 3 years with all that medical science could do for me I have never had a blood pressure reading that was normal.  This past month my blood pressure has apparently dropped 40 points on average. We will have to see if it holds up etc.  But I do know I would never have gotten this far is for the running.



Thanks for all you've done to inspire me to keep going. I know I've
done more than I ever would have dreamed possible in this short time. You
are a special person to do what you do. You're the type that we all look back
on and view as someone who's changed our life for the better. You have a
gift and I'm thankful to have shared the experience. Thanks, again for
putting up with all my doubts, for planning our routes, for making sure we had
water and everything else! You're the best!

Anne S


As a recreational walker who has always yearned to be a runner, I just never thought I was "runner" material. I don't have an Olympic, "reed thin" physique. I was never chosen first for sports teams growing up, even though inside I had dreamed of what life as an athlete would be like. I tried to run on my own, but discouragement followed me every step of the way, as I would easily tire after just one block. Then some friends mentioned the Couch to 5K program, and it took all the courage I had to attend the informational meeting. I was thrilled to see that people of all ages, shapes, and sizes had also decided to sign up. And from that day forward, my life has changed forever.

We started slowly, gradually building up to greater and greater distances. I remember how proud I was at being able to run just 1/8th of a mile. With consistency and my own dedication, coupled with Coach Danny's experience and smart training plan, I completed our goal race of 3.1 miles in June, 2006 at the Race to the Courthouse. Crossing the finish line was the greatest feeling in the world. I realized then that something truly magical had occurred--I had become a runner. Pace, speed, none of that mattered to me. What mattered is that I had set a goal and with Coach Danny's help, I had found the belief inside ME. Since that time, I have crossed more finish lines, including the Vulcan 10K, and even the Mercedes Half Marathon.  My new goal is to complete a full marathon. And I know it is totally possible. Funny, that thought doesn't seem "far fetched" to me anymore!

I'm also so much healthier--mentally, physically and emotionally. I draw upon the strength and peace I've found as a runner when faced with life's challenges. Having struggled with one health issue or another my entire life, I have amazed my doctors with what I have been able to accomplish through the Couch Program. There's a Chinese proverb that says, "The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step." Let this be your "one step." I did, and I am proof that you CAN change your life for the better.

Kelli E.

After much hesitation and fear I joined Danny's couch to 5K program. We started Dec. 31 and I am proud to say that I ran the 5BE&K. I could not believe it - I had never ran any distance in my life and to suddenly - because time seemed to fly - run 5K was amazing. This is an organized and well planned program... all you need is the guts to sign up.. the rest is easy... and you will make lots of friends in the process.

Wendy M.

I started the Couch Program with Danny one year ago in March and this weekend I am running my first Marathon.  It is amazing how easy the program is to get one started in improving their overall health.  The program instills self confidence with a set goal which the entire group desires to attain.  The program literally gets you up walking and before you know it you are running distances which others cannot.  It is a great social and motivational program which you the right plan, right distance, and the right timeframe to accomplish your goals.  I recommend Danny's Couch Program to anyone  without any reservations.
D. Brown

I went thru the couch group with Danny as the coach. I decide in August
that I wanted to run the Mercedes Marathon so in the Sunday paper was a
list of contacts for some people who were interest in the training. So I
called and he return my phone call and Danny told me that he could get me ready to run the Mercedes Marathon. He told me where to meet and what to
do. The furthest I had ever ran was three miles. I showed up at the
Brownell Bldg off of Lakeshore. I started the program in August at that time I was only running three miles. Every week from then on I was running. I really enjoyed it. The first race that I complete was the Race for The Cure I ran the whole race without stopping. I was so excited race day. On my way into the finished line my coach was there to cheer his runners on. That was amazing to me for a coach to run the race and then come back and cheer his runners on. When I completed the race I felt a great since of accomplishment. I was so proud of myself. I went to every group run that they had during this time. After that race Danny got us ready for the next race which was the Vulcan Run my first 10k. He prepared his whole group to run the Vulcan Run he was there again to cheer us on at the finish line. During this time Danny sent us out emails for the group runs and told us what to run, and what to do. He prepared each of us for all of the race. After this he trained us for the Mercedes Marathon in 2007. This was my first half Marathon that I have ever ran. Without Danny and God's help I would not have been able to complete all of these races and been successful. He is a great coach, and mentor, and such a inspiration to me. IF you follow his direction and cover the distance you will be successful. Also Danny is willing to help us to achieve our goals and cover the distance. He gave his runners 110%. This is what makes Danny such a great coach and trainer to me. On Group runs he also ran with us, that was also amazing to me that he also participate in the Group runs.
Not only did he talk the talk but he walk the walk.

Marie M.